The Faculty strongly believes that students deserve a rich, supportive, extra-curricular program. Over the years we have offered a variety of clubs, as they have been requested. This has ranged from a book club, a citizenship club, to a homework club to an archive and digital movie club to Warhammar club. If students have an idea for a club, they should see their teacher

These are a few of our current projects and clubs:

  • Students have the opportunity to come to the History Society, that runs on a Wednesday lunchtime in H1.

  • We worked with Bring Out Your Dead Productions, discovering the truths of the East Anglian Witch trials

  • There is a bi-annual trip to the Battlefields open to all years

  • Every year we hold a trip abroad, open to GCSE or 6th Form, trips have included; Paris, Granada, Rome Berlin, Munich and most recently Washington and New York.

History Extra-Curricular

Ideas to try yourself

Here is a short video outlining some extra-curricular ideas for you to try at home, or to encourage you to come along to History Society. Also check out our resources page.

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  • We organise a range of trips in the UK throughout the year as well as during Curriculum Enrichment

  • The Faculty is keen to take students on trips abroad open to GCSE or 6th Form. Tips have included; Paris, Granada, Rome Berlin, Battlefields in Ypres, Munich , Washington and New York.




History Society

  • History Society meets every week at Wednesday Lunch in H1 and all students are welcome

  • We have undertaken a range of challenges, including re-enacting battles, building pompeii, making clay models, making trebuchets, reconstructing a replica of Hardwick Hall and getting people to engage with our 'Guess the Artefact event. We also attended a visit to Moyse's Hall and were given a private lecture on the East Anglian Witch Trials, with the support of Bring Out Your Dead Productions.

Visit to Moyse's Hall

Castle Building

Hardwick Hall