A Level


  • The department is committed to delivering lessons that will excite and challenge students. At advanced level we do strive to offer students a rich, varied breadth of study that will enhance their enthusiasm for the subject.

  • Students study three units in total. The depth unit is the French Revolution, whilst the breadth study covers Stuart Britain and the Crisis of Monarchy, 1603-1702.

  • There is also a "coursework" component of 3000-3,500 words, the Historical Investigation, is based on American Civil Rights.

The Stuarts

This breadth unit covers a 100 year period and explores issues such as; power of the monarchy, religion, finances, individuals and ideas

French Revolution

This depth unit focuses on the causes, events and consequences of the French Revolution.

NEA: Civil Rights

This unit is a non-examined assessment of 3,500 words on the Civil Rights Movement in America. Students will analyse and evaluate sources and interpretation, whilst responding to a focused historical question.

Learning and Teaching

  • We are strong believers that students under taking Advanced level study must take more responsibility for their own learning. This means that a regular amount of homework is reading around the subject. This is why reading lists are given out at the beginning of courses. The school library holds the main stock of textbooks and can be borrowed on students library cards for an extended amount of time.

  • We also take the opportunity at Key Stage 5 to try to engage students a lot more in developing their communication skills. Much more of the work in class will be focused around debates and students leading presentations.

  • However, the key focus is about getting students through their exams, which is why students need to spend time practising in preparation for their written exams.

  • The Stuarts: 2 1/2 hour exam, with one extract question and two essays, worth 40% of the grade

  • The French Revolution: 2 1/2 hour exam, with one sources question and two essays, worth 40% of the grade

  • NEA: One piece of coursework, with a minimum of 3,5000 words, worth 20% of the grade



Our History

Our Faculty is committed to exploring different perspectives from the past. In lessons we are dedicated in working towards expand the range of examples we give through our topics to ensure that students get a truly diverse curriculum all year round.