Welcome to History

Our Aims

  • To encourage independent learners, listeners and thinkers

  • To provide enjoyable courses, that will stimulate interest and enthusiasm in the subjects

  • To provide a truly embedded, diverse curriculum, committed to exploring different perspectives from the past.

  • To challenge prejudice and to address the moral issues thrown up by any study

  • To provide the questions to assist students in developing skills of analysis and argument – both oral and written

  • To guide students in opening their minds to alternative ideas and outcomes

  • To ensure students achieve to the best of their ability

  • To assist students in the discovery and understanding of the world that is constructed around them

  • History offers an exciting opportunity to analyse, identify and evaluate a range of sources and interpretations.

  • History develops your communication skills and studying the subject will show you how to research.

  • History is also useful as it provides you with the tools necessary to compile an argument, and support it with evidence.

  • Opting for History can contribute to the subjects required to gain the English Baccalaureate and is desired by many Universities.

  • Taking History means that you will be able to get involved with various learning activities, such as role playing, debating, hot seating, watching movies, quizzes and developing those all important essay writing skills.

Why should I study History?

For Students

Students will be able to access resources at the